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Classic Album Spotlight: ‘Hardcore’ By Lil’ Kim

[Exclusive 'Hardcore' Outtake Below]

Since debuting her album, Hardcore, 14 years ago today (Nov. 12, 1996)… Lil’ Kim‘s lyrical persona, & flow, have remained unmatched. At the very start of her rap career, Kim managed to shine brightest from any of her Junior M.A.F.I.A. counterparts, leading to her solo effort, which is highly praised, still, in 2010. At a time when female rappers couldn’t even go gold, Hardcore surpassed the odds, & went multi-platinum. Just 21-years-old, Kim stood 4’11, but sounded more like a 50-foot woman on the album. She didn’t try to out-do the testosterone levels of male rappers to command her respect though. She kept it street & sexy, and still got (if not more) money, power, and economic respect! The lyrical content on the album was heavy — listeners were bombarded with sexually explicit content from start to finish, because the petite rapper wasn’t afraid to say what every other girl wouldn’t. Kim rapped about everything from selling keys to s*cking d*ck. The hood immediately embraced the album’s success, followed by mainstream America. Her raunchy, gangsta-fied, lyrics from this effort have been recited, debated upon, and broken down many times worldwide. Controversy to the album’s content would lead to these very same lyrics being studied, for-credit, at Syracuse University. Hardcore, til this day, remains one of the most talked about LPs from a female rapper, ever.

Her lyrical artistry, and delivery, on Hardcore were nothing short of revolutionary! Lil’ Kim single-handedly raised the bar for females in hip-hop, and paved the way for women like Nicki Minaj, Eve, Trina, etc… And with the help of B.I.G., Puffy, Jermaine Dupri, and Stevie J…. she presented us with an album that will remain in our minds forever. Having earned her crown as the Queen of Hip Hop, I, without further ado, pay homeage to Kimberly Denise Jones, respectfully! Thank you for making such a timeless album!

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1. Intro in A-Minor
2. Big Momma Thang – (featuring Jay-Z)
3. No Time
4. Spent a Little Doe

5. Take It!
6. Crush on You
7. Drugs
8. Scheamin’

9. Queen B@$#h
10. Dreams
11. M.A.F.I.A. Land
12. We Don’t Need It
13. Not Tonight
14. Player Haters
15. F*** You

This album changed Hip Hop as a whole, and it will remain a classic on so many levels.


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