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Album Review: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

‘Classic’ wouldn’t be the first word you’d associate with Pink Friday. The album, which garnered a lot of anticipation surrounding it’s release, is a step in the wrong direction. Offering 17-hip-POP tracks, Pink Friday features production from Will.I.Am, Swizz Beatz, Bangladesh, and Kanye West.

This is Nicki Minaj’s debut effort to establish herself as the Queen of Hip Hop — which, after several listens, has not shown her to be the reigning Queen of anything, but just a hot artist for the moment. Trying to please a large fan-base at once, critics will quickly realize that Pink Friday seems a bit contrived at times. Part of the album lacks true individuality & her raps are mediocre at best (“Did It On Em,” “Here I Am,” “Girls Fall Like Dominoes,” “Last Chance,” “Fly”). Aside from being all over the place, there are a few stand out tracks that will hold your attention (“Roman’s Revenge,” “Moment 4 Life,” “Blazin,” “Check It Out,” “Save Me”), but as a cohesive project, the album doesn’t come together well. Instead of 17 tracks, Pink Friday would have been better off if it only offered 12. Not taking anything away from her, Nicki’s lyrical ability shines brightest when she’s sharing the mic, her animated bug kicks in, or when her hefty alter-ego ‘Roman Zolanski’ (who offers himself as a potty-mouthed man) takes the stage.

Early on, Nicki hit hard with her lyrical punches, but midway through those same punches weakened & turned into pink power puffs. In short, Pink Friday is like purchasing a $9 ticket to a movie that appears to be exciting… sitting in the theater, letting the momentum build, and leaving the movie feeling upset about it’s ending… There’s no doubt in my mind the intent was to create a successful, well-rounded album, but it fell short upon conclusion. Nonetheless, I’m sure some mindless youngster will soak this up, while real musically inclined folks won’t settle. I, for one, held high expectations for this album… but thus far, after a few listens, the album is forgettable. Pink Friday is nothing like Minaj’s 2009 mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty,” which was much better & actually had fans wanting more.

Perhaps the album was rushed by the label due to her ‘buzz.’I’m not sure… and I’m not sure where Pink Friday will end up on the charts next week, but one thing I can assure you… it will not be lined up next to your favorite Hip Hop classic!


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