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Album Review: Adele – 21

I’ve actually had this soulful-pop album on repeat weeks before it officially dropped in the States. After spending the last two years in and out of New York, and London, studios recording her latest album, 21, (named after the age at which she recorded it) Adele, who is now old enough to buy a drink, finally releases her sophomore LP stateside.

Review Below:

Her first single, “Rolling in the Deep,” has already hit No.4 on U.K.’s Big Top 40 Chart. A killer combo of soulful-pop and emotional rollercoaster-type tracks produced by Paul Epworth, Rick Rubin, Ryan Tedder ( and others), it’s safe to say that it’s the best album Christina Aguilera never did. This album, just like its predecessor “19,” shows us that Adele, now 22, is still having trouble finding the right man; She shares more painful stories than someone twice her senior. With records like “Take It All,” “Don’t you Remember,” and “I’ll Be Waiting,” Adele’s sophomore effort is the best answer to any heartbroken girl whose simply confused by the things that go wrong in releationships.

As far as being great goes, Adele proves she’s a force to be reckoned with. Crooning over guitar riffs, piano keys and boxy snares, Adele’s brawny vocals are very much well delivered. Just think of this album as an hour-long frenzy of neo-soul heartbreaks, mixed with a country flavor flair (try saying that 5 times)… It’s a really good follow-up to her highly acclaimed debut album. And trust me, after a few weeks, you’ll find a whole new reason to love it all over again.

Track Highlights: “Rolling in the Deep,” “He Won’t Go,” “Lovesong,” “Set Fire To The Rain,” “One and Only”


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