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Lifestyle: My Rolls Royce Ghost Experience

It must be nice to be the friend of a successful business owner. Case in point: Around 12:00pm on Thursday, following a morning of nothingness, I got a call from my friend Greg Cole, the owner of Nancy’s Pizza in Buckhead, inviting me out to join him for an evening out on the town. Now it wasn’t weird getting a phone call from Greg asking to hang out, as we tend to hang pretty tough anyway.

The only difference was the concept — the ‘concept car’ to be exact! Greg told me he’d be picking me up in a brand-spanking-new Maybach 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost. Now we all know that opportunity never knocks twice (maybe because it has sore knuckles), so you know I wasn’t missing out on this dream ride for nothing on God’s green earth.

When it comes to luxury car quality, many of my peers immediately think of this lux vehicle, or it’s ‘big brother’ the Phantom. So you know when he picked me up I was “photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth I had to call the paparazzi on myself.”

The car that could double as a CEO’s office on wheels, was well proportioned and portrayed just the right combination of elegance. BOSS!! I was thinking to myself, “I’m riding in a concept car that I will one day be able to purchase.” The body and interior was quite impressive. To be honest, there were not much cons here… in fact, there weren’t any at all. The car came equipped with everything you could ask for, and even some things you didn’t; like two umbrellas installed on each side of the front doors. The leather upholstery was plush and I was extremely impressed with the State-of-the-Art navigation system as well.

I mean really, the car came mentally-equipped with comforts not found in many mansions today! It really helped being that I’m use to getting attention, because I don’t know how I would have dealt with all the on-lookers who broke their necks to see ‘who’ was in the car… Needless to say, she was definitely a head-turner.

Thanks for the experience Greg!

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