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Kocktails with Kodak: The Classic Michelada

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to the summer season and a great time to grill and indulge in different spirits. While there are plenty of drink choices, a quick trip to local bars will show that a favorite summer drink is the classic Michelada.

The drink, while a great stand alone, makes an even more awesome spirit when paired with shrimp cocktails, grilled fish, and burgers. So whether you’re enjoying this time on your patio or having a BBQ at the park, a Michelada is a refreshing way to kickback and enjoy the company of others.

Below is the recipe to make a classic Michelada to help you celebrate the start of summer:


1 Beer (Corona, Sol, Pacifico, or Negra Modelo are great options!)
2 Limes (1 for rimming, 1 for the mix)
Tabasco sauce
Worcestershire sauce
1 Tall glass

If this cocktail is too spicy for you, it’s recommended that you try making a ‘Chelada‘ which is the exact same thing, minus the sauces.

We hope everyone has an freaking awesome, but safe, weekend! Remember to drink responsively.

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