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Your 3 Easy Tips for Getting Perfect Eyebrows


It’s one of the first things that people notice, especially the fellas. The shape of a woman’s eyebrows! If it’s one thing a guy hates most on a woman, it a McDonald‘s arched brow. A well-shaped brow can totally make the difference between looking just okay…and looking ah-ma-zing. Needless to say, it can either make or break the overall appearance of a woman.

The shape of the brow, including where your eyebrow arches, where it’s wide and where it’s thin, is the key to achieving a top notch look. Whether you’re that one who has full, thick eyebrows, or the one who has small, thin eyebrows, we at KidduNot.com are here to get you and your brows excited (without you actually looking the part!) with a guide to perfect eyebrows.

Here is how to determine the best eyebrow arch for your face shape and features.

Round face – Needs a bit more arch to balance out the shape. If the brow is too round, it makes the face appear even rounder. A bit more arch will add length to the face shape.

Square face – Needs a little curve to the brow. Too many angles accentuate the angles on the face. Softening the eyebrow will actually soften the shape of a square face.

Oval face – Oval face shapes tend to be longer. You also want to watch the angles of the eyebrow shape and make sure the lift on the arch is not too high.


Take notes. It’s a lesson on balancing your features, and framing your eyes. Because truth be told, your eyebrows have the ability to make you look more beautiful than you already are!

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