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New Music: Leigh Bush – Dancer


With a new name, a matured sound and a brand new self-titled EP, Leigh Bush (formerly known as Sammie) is ready to share his new music. The now 26-year-old musician is creating his “Marvin Gaye” moment with a new identity, sound, and direction (more sultry, mature and unapologetically artsy). But old and loyal fans don’t fret – through all the change, the R&B-crooner has remained true to his R&B/soul roots, which is apparent from his first single “Dancer,” where he takes approach to a stripper’s anthem in a rather different, more positive, light:

“I have a few friends and associates who strip and I’ve even indulged in a few. Talking to them from time to time just opened my mind and gave me different perspectives on a woman’s mentality. Some do it for the money, others for the lifestyle. Some receive the attention as a form of love or reassurance. So I thought it would be dope to write a record that was thought provoking opposed to the typical stripper records that consume the airwaves today.” – Leigh Bush

Ladies, are you ready to undress to female empowerment? Press play!

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